Badges on Ice Hockey Romance

Nailing It by Nicky Arden - Hockey player in locker room

Nailing It

Sparks fly on and off the ice when a sexy performance coach takes on a tough, hockey-playing cop. Jake Evans is a born leader. He’s a cop by day, and by night he hits the ice as team captain and center forward for the Hunter Huskies, a team of hockey-playing firefighters, cops and EMTs. He’s fast, strategic and tough and knows the rink as intimately as he does…

Killing It by Nicky Arden - Hockey player in empty ice rink

Killing It

Will she put him in the penalty box? Nate Vargas loves two things: flying and hockey. His gift for invention and saving bankrupt companies has made him a billionaire, but his best challenges are piloting a small plane through difficult conditions and getting the puck past a strong defense. When his company considers acquiring a failing Alaskan airline, Nate decides he’s the very man to study the business—from…

Crushing It by Nicky Arden - Hockey player in locker room

Crushing It

He’s fire by day and ice by night. Can she save him from himself? Ryan Crew is a daredevil firefighter by day and a take-no-prisoners hockey player by night who’s determined to hold onto his bachelor status at all costs. He’s not only Mr. June in the firefighters’ charity calendar with abs that have gone viral, he’s also a great player, on and off the ice. But when…

Playing It by Nicky Arden - Hockey player in locker room

Playing It

Anyone but him! Noah Waddell is a tough cop who spends his off-time playing hockey with first responders on the Portland Panthers. He’s in the small town of Elm Creek for a week of tournament games and he needs his sleep, so he’s booked into a local hotel. Unfortunately, due to some back luck at the hotel, he and a woman he’s never met both get booked into…

cover of California Dreaming by Bella Andre and Nicky Arden

California Dreaming: The Davenports, Book 1

Meet the Davenport family! Six brothers and sisters who call picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea home. Successful, brilliant, and passionate, the only thing they all still need is the perfect partner in love and life. 

Hotshot movie star Archer Davenport has never met a stunt he couldn’t ace, a challenge he couldn’t overcome, or a woman he couldn’t have. When he breaks his leg during a dangerous stunt, the production company…