cover of California Sunsets by Bella Andre and Nicky Arden

California Sunsets: The Davenports, Book 3

Meet the Davenport family! Six brothers and sisters who call picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea home. Successful, brilliant, and passionate, the only thing they all still need is the perfect partner in love and life.

Erin Davenport always imagined she’d end up with a quiet man. Someone like her.

Then she met Jay Malone.

He’s the loudest, pushiest, most sales-oriented man she’s ever met. A top Hollywood agent, Jay’s bought a waterfront house in Carmel, and everywhere Erin turns, he seems to be there, Big, gorgeous and pulsing with life. He seems to go through women like candy, but Erin has no intention of being his latest treat.

Jay can sell anything to anyone. He turned a hot young surfer into an A list movie star, so why is it so hard to sell himself to Archer Davenport’s sister? Erin isn’t like anyone he’s ever known. He’s been in Hollywood so long, he’s accustomed to being surrounded by some of the most beautiful, talented women in the world. But Erin attracts him in a way no other woman ever has. She’s gorgeous and rarely bothers with makeup or fancy clothes. She’s a brilliant writer, but happy to work for the local newspaper, The Seashell.

He thinks she’s the woman he’s been looking for all his life. But can he convince the emotionally risk-averse writer to take a chance on their love story?

California Dreaming
California Waves
California Sunsets
*** More Davenports are coming soon! ***

CALIFORNIA SUNSETS is part of New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Bella Andre and Nicky Arden’s new emotional and sexy contemporary romance series. While it can easily be read as a stand-alone story, you’ll likely enjoy reading the other books too.

Coming November 14, 2024