Killing It by Nicky Arden - Hockey player in empty ice rink

Killing It

Will she put him in the penalty box?

Nate Vargas loves two things: flying and hockey. His gift for invention and saving bankrupt companies has made him a billionaire, but his best challenges are piloting a small plane through difficult conditions and getting the puck past a strong defense. When his company considers acquiring a failing Alaskan airline, Nate decides he’s the very man to study the business—from the pilot’s seat.

Clare Lindgren’s family has run Midnight Sun Air for decades. Now the financially strapped airline is struggling to stay airborne. Her new pilot is too hot for his own good—or hers— but he’s a welcome distraction from the disturbing revelations about a trusted employee.

Nate is falling for his sexy boss, but if she finds out who he really is, she might put him in the penalty box.

When a crash leaves them stranded in the bush, Nate and Clare must depend on each other to survive. Or will it be game over before they’ve even begun?

Killing it! is book 2 in the Badges on Ice Hockey Romance series, but each story can be read alone.