Playing It by Nicky Arden - Hockey player in locker room

Playing It

Anyone but him!

Noah Waddell is a tough cop who spends his off-time playing hockey with first responders on the Portland Panthers. He’s in the small town of Elm Creek for a week of tournament games and he needs his sleep, so he’s booked into a local hotel. Unfortunately, due to some back luck at the hotel, he and a woman he’s never met both get booked into the last room.

Emma Sanderson is not thrilled to be back in Elm Creek with her extended family, all of whom are obsessed with marrying her off. If fending off their attempts at matchmaking and having to wear the ugliest orange bridesmaid gown ever isn’t enough, now she’s sharing a hotel room with a hockey-playing detective. He might be rude, but he’s hotter than sin, and there’s a steamy attraction that’s as inconvenient as it is potent.

When a series of misunderstands results in Noah pretending to be her boyfriend and wedding date, Emma tries to remember that it’s all make-believe . . . even though she’s starting to think she wouldn’t mind if their fake romance was a reality.

Playing It! is book 4 in the Badges on Ice Hockey Romance series, but each story can be read alone.